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Upcoming events


Lots of Special Events happening on Friday & Sat. at the one and only

Pies To Die For Cafe


*****  Karaoke Night  - *** Friday July 14th *** 6-9pm 


Bring your voices and your appetite's. Lots Of Fun !!! You don't have to sing , Just come and watch... Great for families and young adults.


Come out of the house and have some delicious Coffee, Espresso, Loose Tea, Pie and Homemade Desserts. We serve food all day.  Get some "ICED" drinks to stay cool.



****** "OPEN MIC Night - a night of Notes and Jokes*****

 *** Friday July 21th  ***


Come watch the LOCAL talent preform.  All are welcome.


We will have some delicious Coffee, Espresso, Loose Tea, Pie and Homemade Desserts. Breakfast and lunch severed all day.  


Music, Fun, and Food will make for a great night. Be there !!!!


Not too late to sign up... We are still looking for a few more performers.. Sign Up today !! Perfect opportunity to perform in front of a small audience..


Please send us a private message so we can register you for the next event or e-mail me at


If you know someone who might be interested ... Share this and pass it on.



****************** "Night of Relaxation... ********************

*** Friday July  28th  ****


Special Night !!

Sam Gordon, License Massage Therapist, will be at Pies To Die For Café  from 

5:30 pm  -  7:00 pm. Reserve Yor Spot Today.


One Price get you an evening of Relaxation.

Enjoy a 10 Minute Chair Massage, a Slice of Pie and a Endless Cup of Coffee

Only $20.00


***** "Holistic / Spiritual Classes -- Date & Time Pending  **** 


Classes conducted by Glenda Dawson


 *****************************************************************************************New Spiritual and Holistic Events are being added monthly:  Please Check our Facebook page for more details.  Like us on Pies To Die For Cafe. 




The “Suspended Coffee” program

“Suspended Coffee” is one of those ideas that help others in need. The program allows consumers to "pay it forward" by buying an extra hot drink.   The tradition with the suspended coffees started in Naples, but it has spread all over the world 
This is meant to help make this world a better place

The process is easy.

You walk into Pies To Die For Café  and instead of buying just one cup of coffee; you buy two, three or more. You buy one item for yourself, and one for someone in need.


You not only support a person in need, you also support your local business and all it’s employees. Your money does not go to another state, country or continent. It stays right in the neighborhood where it was spent.


 The “Suspended Coffee” will then be claimed for free by a needy person you have chosen or to the next person who asks if there are any suspended coffees available.


This,  in a small way,  gets people supporting each other again, to show compassion love empathy. To show you we've all been there. To encourage you to keep going. To prove love exists. To get you through the day. To remind you to be strong. To celebrate you. To fight right along with you. And to remind you to be happy and live.


Check Out the Video:



Once again, we have put together the Local talent for your entertainment.  We have an "Open Mic Night" on Friday every month from 6-8 pm.  Please come and enjoy the show.


Check out the photos below:


Latest Photos Of April 25th 2014 / 15 "Open Mic Night"

Latest Photos Of Feb 21st "Open Mic Night"

Latest Photos Of March 21st "Open Mic Night".  Another Great Event

New Events added Monthly

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Our  LOCATION - Downtown Bangor PA 18013


Pies To Die For Cafe

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Bangor, PA 18013


Phone: 610 340-4756



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